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Long-time network marketer who saw vision and financial freedom in ACN...

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ACN Regional Vice President
and Circle of Champions Member

Stewart Taub knew exactly what he was looking for in a network marketing company. With ten years of experience under his belt, having already built an international, million-dollar business with another company, he possessed a strong understanding of the dynamics of cooperative marketing. So when the freedom and independence of the accompanying lifestyle came calling after a four-year hiatus, he cautiously researched 30 potential opportunities before selecting ACN.

To an experienced marketer like Stewart, ACN's telecom specialization seemed too good to be true and he could not ignore the amazing potential he immediately saw in ACN. Being able to live life on his own terms with an incredible residual income is an appeal he simply could not match in another company. Never again would Stewart have to compromise his values, beliefs, integrity and most importantly his self-respect for his career. "I was excited about technology, and felt that telecommunications was the right medium for moving into the next millennium. ACN was properly positioned for global expansion, and for diversity in terms of services marketed."

Goya Group Beginnings

Combining forces, Larry teamed up with Stewart Taub and the two formed the GOYA Group in May of 1994. Within a mere eight months, GOYA had vaulted to RVP status. As ACN was still in its infancy at barely a year old, Stewart and Larry's extensive experience played an integral role in the company's early evolution and both were helpful in developing the company's training materials and presentation books. But their overriding focus remained on developing their own personal business, "contacting people, recruiting, training, massaging people's thinking, sponsoring people, motivating them to do the same thing."

During their first two years, the GOYA twosome adopted a feverish work pace, knowing from past experience that "how a business gets started is going to determine their results many years down the road." With an organization of over 1 million customers and 70,000 Independent Representatives, they are responsible for identifying and developing 30 percent of ACN's Regional Vice Presidents. They have also risen as two of ACN's most sought after trainers – delivering powerful messages on stages around the world.

"It's more about the thrill of victory, the challenge of what's taking place internationally – and ultimately the excitement of beating other companies and network marketers to the punch", Stewart said. ACN's global expansion, the incorporation of utilities and the booming Internet all have this powerful team hungry for more. "With ACN, if people did what they had to do for five years, they can do what they want to do for the rest of their lives", Larry said.

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